Young Adult

The adolescent years are a unique period in time during which there is physical, cognitive and social development. Proper nutrition during this time is crucial, as it is the time when children gain up to 50% of their adult weight, more than 20% of their height, and 50% of their muscular skeletal mass.

Studies show that protein requirements are extremely important in a normal adolescent. The range of protein intake per day depends greatly on age, gender, and activity. It ranges from 45 grams for a thin male or female at the age of ten, to 60 grams or more for an active male at the age of 18. Now you can make sure your children are getting the proper amount of protein during such a demanding life stage, and at a time that they are not under your constant care.

As an adult, protein is just as important. Ideally, you will already be using Profect to meet your own body's nutritional needs. Pass the right amount along to your children. Just two vials of Profect provide them with 50 grams of protein, a sufficient amount for many adolescents. The Profect vial is virtually indestructible, making it the ideal nutrition companion for your children's active lifestyle.

And for the adolescent's discriminating taste buds, Profect comes in a variety of fun flavors. The hydrolyzed protein makes Profect easy to digest, and you can be sure that your teen is fueled with the proper nutrients to help him or her grow physically, mentally and socially.

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