Research & Development

The Protica Research Laboratory (PRL) is engaged in translating frontier scientific knowledge into new, commercially viable scientific nutraceuticals. The PRL is committed to discovering and developing innovative, best-in-class, cost-effective nutraceuticals that improve health and quality of life for people worldwide.

Research and development is the lifeblood of any nutritional research company, so the formation of the strongest possible R&D organization is one of our primary objectives.

The ultimate objective of Protica's research is to develop new, innovative nutritional factors that can help people around the world live fuller and longer lives.

The PRL positions itself at the forefront of science using novel methodologies for the improvement of human health. Some of the exciting new areas of PRL's research include:

  •  macro- and micro-nutrients exploration
  •  nutrient delivery systems
  •  transdermal nutrient absorption
  •  endogenous and exogenous supplementation
  •  glycogen retention
  •  glycemic and insulin response

Protica leverages its alliances with partners in academia and industry to support research activities.

Explore the foundation of discovery and development on which we are building our world-renowned reputation. To learn more about Protica's Research Laboratories, check back for future updates.

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