Pregnancy brings on multiple changes in a woman's life. Changes in schedule, sleep, and diet, just to name a few. Your diet while you are pregnant is not only of significance for your own body, but most importantly, your baby's. Throughout pregnancy, your need for protein increases. As always, protein is necessary for the development of new cells, and during your pregnancy, reports suggest that your protein intake be a minimum of 60 grams per day. Furthermore, a woman's blood volume increases nearly 50%, and it is protein that facilitates the production of those new blood cells.

The need for ensuring that your body receives optimal absorption of protein can become even more important if you fall victim to any type of morning sickness, which further depletes your body of necessary protein. It's pretty simple. You have a lot on your mind and maybe you don't have time to count out the serving sizes of everything you eat, and then, still question whether or not your body will assimilate what you intake.

Profect addresses all of these challenges by offering you an all natural, no hassle, low-calorie protein supplement, that is packed with the vitamins and minerals that you and your baby need. In just three fluid ounces you can intake 25 grams of highly bioavailable, scientifically advanced protein with zero fat and zero carbohydrates. In addition, with Profect's advanced Nutrient Delivery System you can have the peace of mind that you will absorb nutrients of maximum potency and purity.

You certainly do not want to jeopardize your own health or the growth of your baby. Allow Profect to give you the nutrition and peace of mind that you need, so that you can focus on the new addition to your life.

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