A diabetic diet needs to be strictly controlled, and depending on the type of diabetes you have can determine the healthy amounts of nutrients you need for your body to function properly. Studies show that protein is an important part of a diabetes nutrition plan, and it is needed for muscle and tissue repair and growth. Due to the fact that it is slow to turn into glucose, it may help keep blood sugar at a manageable level.

Most likely, if you have diabetes, you and your doctor have worked carefully to design the proper diet for you. Research shows that people with diabetes require the same amount of protein as people without.

The challenge is that it may be different for each diabetic, and it is necessary to carefully monitor your intake of several nutrients. Profect can help you do just that. Profect is a protein beverage that provides a precise amount of protein, with zero fat and zero carbohydrates. Since most meals are high in carbohydrates and fats, consuming just one vial of Profect with your food may help to provide the needed macronutrient balance. Profect also slows the absorption cycle of each meal or snack it is taken with, which in turn helps to reduce sugar surges and resultant insulin spikes that cause fat storage.

It takes time and energy to make sure that you are receiving the proper portion of nutrients and keeping your blood-sugar levels stabilized. At only 2.7 fluid ounces, Profect is a quick and easy tool for helping to measure your protein intake. Keep your diet and life balanced with Profect.

*Please consult your doctor or physician before changing your diet or exercise regimen.

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