Isometric Benefits

Isometric® meal replacement shot is indicated for a broad range of special medical needs. It is also used to support a healthy lifestyle.

For health and exercise enthusiasts, Isometric conveniently provides

20 grams of protein

20 grams of low-glycemic carbohydrates

9 grams of omega-rich fatty acids

10 grams of prebiotic dietary fiber

one full serving of fruit

one full serving of vegetables

27 vitamins and minerals

This is provided in 3.2 fluid ounce ready-to-drink vial.

For medical patients with special protein needs, Isometric provides critical nutrition. Isometric may be administered orally or via feeding tube. Orally, it can be consumed by itself as a ready-to-drink beverage. It may also be mixed with other foods, beverages (any temperature), or supplements.

Isometric meal replacement therapy is recommended for patients when high-density nutrition (i.e. maximum grams of protein per fluid ounce), moderate caloric intake, low glycemic index, low allergen content, high bioavailability, or excellent palatability is a critical requirement.

Oftentimes, patients with special dietary requirements have difficulty consuming protein, oils, vegetables and fruits because they cannot tolerate the taste, the volume, the allergens, the texture, or the protein structure (eg. large or denatured protein molecules).

Isometric addresses these challenges by providing 20 grams of Actinase® in a ready-to-drink form with a complete balance of necessary macronutrients and micronutrients. Actinase is an all-natural protein compound with the following characteristics:

Actinase has a very neutral organoleptic profile (i.e. the characteristics related to the sense of taste and smell). Actinase also has a smooth texture. These features provide the foundation for the palatable flavors without the use of heavy flavorings or sweeteners.

To understand how and why Actinase is hypoallergenic, a brief explanation of hydrolization is required. Actinase undergoes a process called enzymatic hydrolysis. This process breaks protein molecules into smaller units called peptides. The average molecular weight of the peptides in Actinase is 1,400 daltons ("dalton" is the unit of measurement for atomic weight). The human body can readily digest and absorb peptides, which is why they are also used in infant formulas. A byproduct of the hydrolization process is that many of the allergens typically found in proteins are removed.

Highly Bioavailable
Actinase is easy to digest because the protein molecules are enzymatically hydrolyzed to form peptides (i.e. small protein molecules). Peptides are easier for the body to digest and assimilate.

The molecular structure of Actinase is extremely dense, making Isometric the most concentrated protein beverage on the market. Isometric provides more protein per ounce than any other beverage. This unique characteristic allows patients to consume ample amounts of protein in a very small fluid volume (eg. 25 grams of protein in 3.2 fluid ounces).

Please review Isometric's flavors and list of other benefits.

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