We know that the human body cannot live without protein. It is second only to water as the most abundant element in the human body. We know that our bodies are able to absorb only a fraction of the nutrients we consume with each meal. We also know that all nutrients are not created equally. Some are natural, others are synthetic. Protein is easily neglected from meals, since most foods are abundant in carbohydrates and fats. And often, when we find a food that is high in protein, it is generally high in saturated fat, as well, making it difficult for our body to digest.

This is a lot to think about in a day when work, families, exercise and social schedules take over when, where, what and how much we eat. Profect is here to meet the challenge.

Profect is a protein beverage with an advanced Nutrient Delivery System. It provides optimal absorption via two mechanisms: hydrolization and bioavailability. Hydrolization dramatically increases the absorption percentage by breaking down the nutrients into small units before they even reach the digestive system. Profect has the highest bioavailability, meaning it's all natural ingredients are pharmaceutical grade to ensure maximum potency and purity.

There is no guesswork. Profect is balanced, easily absorbed, and convenient. The test tube shaped vial is made of clear, virtually unbreakable plastic that is compact and portable. It will not only meet your protein requirements, but those of your entire family.

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