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Protica provides private labeling and contract packaging for companies in the healthcare, sports nutrition, food, drug and mass markets. Protica manufactures hundreds of unique SKUs, most using company-owned intellectual property to provide value-added and product differentiation.


Certified Organic . Certified Kosher . Certified Halal

Certified cGMP . Certified HACCP


Following is an overview of the basic capabilities and services available.

Hot Liquid Filling (pasteurization)

•  Precise-measurement filling machines capable of speeds in excess of 300 bottles per minute (BPM)
•  Hot-fill capable to 205ºF (96ºC)
•  Fill capacity from 1 ounce to 128 ounces
•  Several stock bottle sizes including



2 oz

2.5 oz

8 oz (same design as 10 oz)

10 oz

12 oz (same design as 10 oz)

16 oz

20 oz (same design as 16 oz)

32 oz Bettix


3 oz vial


stand-up pouch with aseptic tap



1 oz

3 oz (same design as 6 oz)

4 oz (same design as 6 oz)

6 oz


Closure Application

•  In-line capping machines capable of speeds in excess of 300BPM
•  Apply screw caps of all materials and sizes from 13mm to 70mm, including tamper evident and child resistant cap closures

Art Application

•  Shrink sleeve applicators, capable of speeds in excess of 600BPM
•  Bottle diameters from 3/8” to 3”
•  Sleeve heights from 3/4” to 7”
•  Capable of printing codes onto sleeves

Quality Assurance

•  High-speed, video-automated, bottle rejection system
•  Multiple quality checkpoints along lines
•  Two, dedicated human resources on each line to identify all other potential rejects


•  Finished product may be packaged into a variety of standard and custom boxes, trays, or holders
•  Packaging may be made from thermoformed plastic, flatboard, corrugate, shrink wrap, etc.
•  Custom packaging for promotional events specialty needs are possible, including mixed flavors per package, inserts, etc.


•  Finished product is typically palletized onto Grade A, 48” x 40” pallets; other sizes and grades are available upon request
•  Pallet configuration may be customized per product or per SKU


•  Multi-line, permanent text and graphics printing on most plastic and paper substrates (finished product and packaging)

Inventory Management
Raw Materials

•  Capable of managing the purchase, receipt and inventory of all raw materials
•  Ingredients may be purchased on behalf of customer and billed to customer, or purchased by Protica as part of a turn-key product
•  Provision of monthly or bi-monthly inventory reports

Finished Goods

•  Capable of managing the storage and inventory of all finished product
•  Provision of monthly or bi-monthly inventory reports of all finished goods on a ‘per SKU’ basis


•  Capable of assisting with, managing, or executing all outbound shipping
•  Capable of blind shipping direct to customers

Microbiological Analysis

•  On-site microbiological testing for aerobic plate count, coliforms, E. coli, staph aureus, salmonella, yeast and mold
•  Typical turn-a-round time is 5 business days

Private Label Support

•  Full, behind-the-scenes product development and tech support
•  Turn-key production and delivery
•  Marketing and advertising support and materials

Product Customization

•  Full-cycle, in-house product development for private labels

°  Customize existing products to create differentiation
°  Change ingredients for product and market differentiation
°  Change usage levels to target different markets
°  Change flavoring, coloring, packaging
°  On-site accelerated shelf-life testing

•  Several hundred flavors and ingredients on-site for testing and analysis

Product Development

• Protein-based applications
• Energy-based applications
• Non-beverage applications

Facility Overview

•  Protica owned and operated production plant and warehouse
•  GMP approved and certified through Silliker
•  Meets or exceeds all good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
•  FDA inspected and monitored production plant
•  Department of Agriculture inspected and monitored
•  Medicare inspected and certified
•  Current floor space: 240,000 square feet
•  On-site, dedicated engineering and quality departments

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